Welcome to the Iowa Bicycling Action Fund

Well, here we go.

The board and I chuckled at this phrase at the launch of our first meeting.  We have talked about the Iowa Bicycling Action Fund as our 501c4 affiliate for several years.  The organization is now alive and going to do some great things for bicycling.

This isn’t a big change, despite the branding.  This is more reorganizing the work of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition into an education-based nonprofit and an advocacy-based nonprofit.  We share staff, offices, post offices boxes, IT systems and much more.  But each group needs to pay it’s own share according to the IRS.

Our board of directors has Steve Schurtz and Von Ketelsen – both veterans of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition and heavily involved in our advocacy work.  While we are going to fill out the board in the next few weeks, we are able to hit the ground running with this lean crew.

What does change is we have expanded tools available to bicycle advocacy.  A 501c4 organization is allowed unlimited issue lobbying and the ability to make endorsements of candidates.  You may also notice we are talking about the Iowa Trails and Bike PAC.  Our newfound status allows us to communicate and help with the fundraising.  This will profoundly expand our ability be influential in our work.

The catch is this organization is starting from scratch.  We cannot use any money from the Iowa Bicycle Coalition to start the organization, because the IRS has given tax deductible status to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition and a 501c4 will not be tax deductible.  We have no money in our accounts and could use your support.

Please consider a donation at https://www.crowdpac.com/c/iabicycling