The Iowa Bicycling Action Fund supports pro-bicycling efforts in the Iowa Legislature

The Iowa Bicycling Action Fund (also known as Iowa Bicycling) the lobbying arm of Iowa’s bicycle advocacy movement.  The Iowa Bicycling Action Fund communicates with our investors, grassroots members, and legislators about bicycle issues.  Our main focus is to increase funding for bicycle infrastructure and seek passage of legislation that increases the safety of bicycling.

Founding Investor Campaign

The Iowa Bicycling Action Fund has launched a Founding Investor campaign.  Investors who contribute $1,000 or more will be known as Founding Investors of Iowa Bicycling Action Fund.

These initial large donations will give the organization a base of support to operate from.  It will assist paying for lobbying and grassroots organizing necessary to carry out the mission of increasing funding for bike infrastructure and passage of pro-bike policy.

This status is limited to the first 100 investors at the $1000 or above level.  Contribute today at

Investments and other gifts which are given to support the Iowa Bicycling Action Fund are not tax-deductible.

The Iowa Trails & Bike PAC is a state political action committee that works to support candidates who are pro-bicycling.  You can find out more and make a contribution at

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is a bicycle advocacy nonprofit which promotes safe and enjoyable bicycling in Iowa through education, events, better policy, and growing a community of supporters. You can learn more at